Spirits Guide

Following on from the success of our Premium Wine Selection catalogue, the team at West Liquor and Village Wine & Spirits have decided to put together a Spirits guide which features a range of 40 top quality Spirit products for your drinking enjoyment.

The Spirit guide is designed to help you understand a little more about our Spirit categories and then highlight 40 popular drinks by exploring their rich and interesting histories, discovering where they are made, how they are made and the terminology used to describe them.

It’s a great conversation starter and we hope you really enjoy reading this guide as much as we have enjoyed selecting the Spirits and writing about them.

These Spirits will be featured in all of our stores all year round and may even be promoted at even lower prices than advertised in this booklet over that period.

You can browse the catalogue below or pick up a copy from your local West Liquor or Village Wine & Spirits store. We look forward to seeing you soon.