Craft Beers of the Month – June 2016


Each month we’ll bring you three of our favourite craft beers, and give you a little bit of info about why you should try them!

emersons Emerson’s Bookbinder

Profile: 2 – sessionable and thirst quenching.
Food matches: Pan fried fish or plain old fish and chips. Perfect way to start the weekend.

Tasting notes: Bookbinder is a drinkable take on an old style English Ale. A nice sweet,
malty, fruity flavour, this beer is refershing with a long dry finish. You could almost say
that this is an everyday ale for everyday people.






Moa St Joseph’s Belgian Tripel

Profile: 7 – more complex than the Emerson’s, but still refreshing.
Food matches: Be adventurous! This beer will go with almost anything.
Try fondue if you really must.

Tasting notes: This beer is nothing short of miraculous especially for its price.
Big flavours of banana shape the first hit of flavour and it washes over the
palate with a finish of raisins and all spice.





Galbraith’s Rurik Imperial Stout

Profile: 9 – complex flavours & aromas to savour.
Food matches: Chilli chocolate fondant or any chocolate really. Indulge!

Tasting notes: In the heart of the city at the top of Mt Eden Rd is a brewery
that is an Auckland institution. Galbraith’s Ale House have produced a wonderful
stout rich with coffee on the nose and the palate. It is smooth and creamy and
has a delightfully sweet and spicy finish. A must for any stout enthusiast!